Chain Link Faith
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These guys deserve top billing at any Concert Hall
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Highlights of the Phil (drummer) and Deb's wedding coming soon. I hope.
Chain Link Faith

Chain Link Faith is a Phoenix Arizona based band steeped in traditional classic rock and roll style and influences. Formed in 1999, their no frills, working man style of rock n roll is cliché free is a breath of fresh air in a sea of image first bands trying to make a name for themselves.

Chances - reminds me of the debut Southgang CD in terms of the twangy guitar Vocalist Jimi Powers sounds at times like Sebastian Bach especially on “Think Again. Yet, on the lead track Dont Kick the Dog - Jimmi  Powers sounds like Kevin DuBrow. Musically the band compares favorably with the straight-ahead rock style of Tesla and Badlands. The guitars of Powers and Mike Bolenbach are crisp and avoid utilizing unnecessary effects. The blues based Realize - features guitar playing that immediately catches your attention and solos that have a meaningful place within the composition.   Bear No Cross- is a pure 70s rocker that closes the CD on an aggressive note.

Considering Chain Link Faith display no modern rock influences, the band is to be commended for sticking to their guns and playing a style of music that would draw an older audience. The Chain Link Faith CD is recommended listening to fans of pure rock and roll. The album oozes with sweat and honest emotion, a rarity in these times of pre-packaged disposable rock.

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